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The Heartland Breastfeeding CoalitionBreastmilk is Better Than Any Udder Milk

Welcome! The Heartland Breastfeeding Coalition is directed to moms, dads and babies of central Indiana, and the counties of Pulaski, Cass, Starke and Fulton, but anyone interested in finding out more about breastfeeding can find information and help here. Just browse around and see what our site has to offer. As we like to say “The more women that breastfeed their babies, the more women will nurse their babies.”

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  • Breastfeeding During Pregnancy


    Breastfeeding doesn't have to end when your baby turns one, and it doesn't have to end if you get pregnant again either. A new pregnancy is a common reason why some moms stop breastfeeding.  However, if you're expecting again and you aren't ready to wean...

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  • The First 24 Hours
    The first 24 hours of a baby's life are crucial to a positive breastfeeding experience. Here is what to expect and how to deal with common issues. ...